News from the Board

Changes to the Board of Managers Announced at Convention

Chris Maxwell, Vice Chair, Board of Managers – January 21, 2021

The Diocese of Easton is blessed with a variety of talented individuals, each with different skills enabling us to fulfill our various missions in a timely and sensitive manner. The Board of Managers’ contribution is: To assist in providing the financial resources to faithfully discharge our mission.

In 2020 we expanded our intellectual capital by creating an Investment Advisory Board (IAB) consisting of experienced, investment-savvy individuals who might be interested in being a candidate for the BOM in the future, or who have served on the BOM. Neither the members of the BOM nor the IAB are paid or remunerated in any way. All donate their time and expertise. We are thrilled to share with you that our first two members of this new Board are Fred Welsh (St. Paul’s, Kent) a six-year former member of the BOM. Fred will now serve as Chair of this new Board. Richard Wright (Old Trinity, Church Creek), also a six-year former member of the BOM, whose term ended in 2020, has joined the IAB. Both bring years of practical investment experience with them and will be of immeasurable help to the BOM. Members of the IAM have a voice but no vote in
decisions made by the BOM.

My sincere thanks go to Al Smith (Holy Trinity, Oxford), Vice Chair of the BOM since The Easton Episcopal Fund inception in 2010. His steady hand has been invaluable and has contributed greatly to our long-term success. While he retired in July of 2020, Al remains as Vice Chair Emeritus. With the exception of Fred Welsh, who is now Chair of the new Investment Advisory Board, the Board of Managers continues intact. My thanks to our continuing voting members: Ron Geesey (All Hallows, Snow Hill), Debra Dragone (St. Clements, Massey), Tom Mendenhall (Christ Church, St. Michael’s), Ray Munch (Holy Trinity, Oxford), and William Shettle (St. Mary’s, Pocomoke City). The Board of Managers also benefits from the wisdom and experience of Charlie Bohn (Diocesan Treasurer, Trinity Cathedral), Myron Richardson (Diocesan Finance Committee Chair, St. Paul’s, Centreville) and Nancy Robson (Scribe for the Board, Christ Church, I.U., Worton). All are non-voting members of the BOM.