Fund Performance Updates

Bonds Continue to Surprise and Confound

The surprise in fixed income over the last three or so months has not been the performance of the stock market, which is making new highs on almost a weekly basis, but the performance of bonds.
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Morningstar X-Ray of June 30 Holdings

The Morningstar X-ray report provides a detailed breakdown of the holdings of the Easton Episcopal Balanced Fund. The June 30 report reflects recent allocation updates in the fixed income portion of the fund.
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Message from the Vice Chair, Jan. ’21

Despite Difficult Year, Fund Returns 15.58% in 2020. Last year was difficult. The first six weeks of 2020 was business as usual, but by mid-February,
Covid-19 had begun to affect our lives, the economy and the stock market. Initially, we didn’t know how severe the downturn would be or how long it would last. For 31 calendar days until March 23, the stock market went down. The S&P 500 was down more than 33%, although your fund was down 25%, a success of sorts.
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