About the Fund

Established on March 31, 2010, the Easton Episcopal Fund of the Diocese of Easton is an investment fund available to parishes and other diocesan entities. Under the direction of the Board of Managers this fund provides carefully-managed, cost-efficient and risk-controlled investment that allows its investors to focus on their primary missions of worship, outreach, and maintenance of the parish and the diocese.

Investment Approach

The Fund currently pursues an indexed approach to investing, and has realized significant gains since inception. It has consistently ranked in the top third, or better, among similar mutual funds.
Fund performance is monitored against a benchmark composite index with about 65% equity and 35% bonds.

Board of Managers

The Board of Managers determines the investment direction for the Fund. Following an overall strategic plan, they may adjust allocations or investment positions according to market conditions. Their overall goal is to provide reliable and growing returns to support the individual missions of the parishes and diocesan institutions.

More News and Updates

Ranking by Morningstar

The Easton Episcopal Fund ranks in the top third among peers. The ranking is based on its 3- and 5-year annualized returns when compared with Morningstar “Moderate Allocation” Funds, a universe of approximately 900 funds with a 50%-70% equity allocation is… (Click title to read more)

Fund Value Rose 3.19% in First Quarter of 2021

As of the end of the first quarter, the fund was up 3.19%, 12 bps better than our benchmark. Our equity portfolios were up and did better than their benchmarks, but our fixed income portfolio was down more than its benchmark. We saw our short term rank fall to 54th percentile for the quarter but stayed in the top 30th percentile for the prior 1, 3, and 5 years.
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Historical Quarterly Performance vs Benchmark

The chart below compares the fund return against our benchmark for each quarter since inception. The column on the far right shows the calendar year (or YTD) return. After the change to internal management in 2016, the Fund performance has exceeded the benchmark 60% of the periods. (Click title to read more)

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Access and Forms

Easton Episcopal Funds accounts are managed by Mutual Shareholder Services (MSS). If you are a shareholder, your current balances as well as historical transactions in your account may be viewed by following the link below to MSS. Choose “Easton Episcopal…

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Withdrawals and Gifts

This tab provides instructions for computing periodic withdrawals and for handling stock gifts from parishioners to their parishes.

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