Board of Managers

The Board of Managers determines the investment direction for the Fund. Following an overall strategic plan, they may adjust allocations or investment positions according to market conditions. Their overall goal is to provide reliable and growing returns to support the individual missions of the parishes and diocesan institutions.

Board Reconfirms CRR At 5.25%

The Board of Managers reconfirms its recommendation of 5.25% Constant Rate of Return used by the Diocese and various parishes in the preparation of their annual budgets. 
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Members of the Board

Current voting members of the Board are Rt. Rev. Santosh K. Murray (Chair), W. Christopher Maxwell (Vice Chair), Deborah Dragone, Raymond J. Munsch, Ronald Geesey, Tom Mehdenhall, and William Shettle.
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Message from the Vice Chair, Jan. ’21

Despite Difficult Year, Fund Returns 15.58% in 2020. Last year was difficult. The first six weeks of 2020 was business as usual, but by mid-February,
Covid-19 had begun to affect our lives, the economy and the stock market. Initially, we didn’t know how severe the downturn would be or how long it would last. For 31 calendar days until March 23, the stock market went down. The S&P 500 was down more than 33%, although your fund was down 25%, a success of sorts.
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News from the Board

Changes to the Board of Managers were announced by Chris Maxwell, Vice Chair. In 2020 we expanded our intellectual capital by creating an Investment Advisory Board (IAB) consisting of experienced, investment-savvy individuals who might be interested in being a candidate for the BOM in the future, or who have served on the BOM. Neither the members of the BOM nor the IAB are paid or remunerated in any way. All donate their time and expertise.
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