December 2021 Snapshot

Steady, experienced hands continue to guide the Easton Episcopal Fund, which continues to do well.

Transition on Board of Managers

Mendenhall steps down; the Board welcomes Diane Robinson, who comes with 39 years of investment experience.

November Update from The Vice Chair

As volatile as November was, it is gratifying to report that we were in the top half of the competitive universe for the month, despite a decline of 1.49%. 


October was kinder to the market in general and the Easton Episcopal Funds in particular. We exceeded the benchmark in the Fund overall by 0.7%.

Fall Update From The Vice Chair

Our average 3-year return since inception is 8.25%, so we have met one of our primary goals: meeting the Constant Rate of Return while growing the fund.

Long-Term Returns Remain Positive

While the market pulled back in September, and the EEF along with it, long-term EEF returns remain positive and better than our benchmark.

August Update from The Vice Chair

The Board of Managers has developed a very specific asset allocation decision tree. Based upon input from our outside advisor, our own investment advisory board and the judgement of the Board, we gradually substantially moved our equity allocation above our benchmark weight of 65% to a maximum of 73%.  This decision was based on our perception…


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