August 31, 2023 Snapshot

After a pullback in July, the market is once again climbing, cautiously, as it absorbs Powell’s Wyoming speech, in which he left the door open to one more rate increase this year, though he was careful not to offer anything definitive. (It was a bit reminiscent of Alan Greenspan, who confessed that he lived in…

July 31, 2023 Snapshot

While not smooth sailing, minding the trim, paying close attention, adjusting the sails and the weighting keeps things on course.

Snapshot June 30, 2023

Steady as she goes progress marks the EEF. The market has come back well from September 2022’s sharp decline, though it remains cautious,

Snapshot April 30, 2023

The ‘Snapshot’ offers details of the allocations and totals in the Easton Episcopal Fund as of the end of April. Since the Board of Managers anticipated the Fed’s most recent quarter point rate raise, which was announced on 3 May, the decision had already been made to hold a larger percentage of cash and cash…

Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

Did we hold any Silicon Valley Bank or Signature Bank stock? We do not own any individual stocks or bonds.

February 28, 2023 Snapshot

The monthly ‘Snapshot’, generated by Morningstar, is based on the Easton Episcopal Fund holdings as of market close each month, and includes a data-rich look at the performance, total Fund value and more.


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