Fund Value Rose 3.19% in First Quarter of 2021

April 16, 2021
We had a good 1Q 2021. The fund was up 3.19%, 12 bps better than our benchmark. Our
equity portfolios were up and did better than their benchmarks, but our fixed income portfolio
was down more than its benchmark. We saw our short term rank fall to 54th percentile for the
quarter but stayed in the top 30th percentile for the prior 1, 3, and 5 years.
During the quarter we increased our international equity exposure from 8% to 10% and
allowed our domestic equity to drop to 60%. The strong market growth following the
rebalancing moved equity back up to a tad more than 72% on April 15.
We experienced significant shareholder investment in the complex with a new parish investing
almost $1 million. December 2020 assets of $31.2 million grew to $33.3 million by the end of
the quarter. Today they are closer to $34 million with 208 shareholders
Our Investment Advisory Board presented some interesting ideas that might help our fixed
income portfolio, and Osprey Capital presented an interesting, fixed income idea that will be considered.

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