Transition on Board of Managers

After deliberation, Tom Mendenhall steps down

After deliberation, Tom Mendenhall, much-respected and dedicated member of the Board of Managers (BOM), the investment team that manages the $37 million Easton Episcopal Funds, resigned his seat on the Board. His solid investment knowledge, experience and perspective on the financial markets and economy combined with an understanding of the needs of the parishes and diocesan investors were invaluable. The BOM is sorry to lose him as a voting Board member as well as a member of the BOM’s Information Committee. 

Fortunately, Tom has accepted appointment to the Investment Advisory Board (IAB) where his talents and experience will be put to good, if slightly less demanding use than on the BOM.

In Tom’s place, the Board of Managers is pleased to welcome Diane Robinson.

Diane comes to the BOM with a broad and distinguished portfolio in investment management. Diane will finish out Tom’s term, and with the BOM’s unanimous endorsement she will stand for election to a full term at convention in 2022. 

Diane Robinson is a Senior Vice President at the $1.5 trillion Federated Herm├Ęs Inc, a money manager based in Pittsburgh, Pa.  She joined Federated in 2004 after working at First Pennsylvania Bank, Corestates, SEI, and PNC Bank. She now works at Federated with current as well as potential clients of the firm. Her clients deal with the same issues that the Board of Managers regularly deal with, and she helps those clients to solve these issues. Diane brings more than 39 years of investment experience to the BOM, including five years, from 1998 to 2003, when she worked directly with Maxwell Consulting, which advised investment organizations. Here, she was instrumental in developing a new investment product that BB&T considered introducing to their high net worth clients. She has an MBA from the Fox School at Temple University and graduated from Mt. Holyoke College.

Diane lives in Cambridge and is a member of Christ Church Cambridge.  Widowed with three grown children, she still works every day in her role with Federated. She brings to the BOM extensive investment experience as well as local understanding of Cambridge and surrounding areas.