Fund Continues to Outperform Its Benchmark

As visible in the August 31, 2021 X-Ray, the Easton Episcopal Fund continues to outpace its benchmark. The specifics of that outperformance over 3 months, 1 year, 3 years and 5 years are visible in the Performance section of the Morningstar X-ray report, which provides a detailed breakdown of the holdings of the Easton Episcopal Balanced Fund. Positions are held in several accounts, e.g. Russell 3000 Indexed, Fixed, etc. for reporting purposes. Each of these is broken down and compared to the benchmark in the report. The report reflects a recent decision by the Board to allocate a portion of the fixed income account to two strategic sections: a ladder of target maturity ETF bond funds; and a high-yield bond fund. The core fixed income allocation remains with Vanguard’s Intermediate Term Corporate Bond ETF (VCIT). The report in PDF format is below. This PDF of several pages is best viewed full screen on your computer for easier scrolling. You may also download and print it for further study using the icons in the PDF banner.