The Balanced Fund

The Easton Episcopal Balanced Fund was established on March 31, 2010. The Balanced Fund, which is comprised of equities, fixed income and some carefully selected income-producing investments, was the most efficient and by far the most popular with our investors. This structure simplified choice for our investors. It also simplified accounting, which helps to keep costs low.

Mutual Funds have two levels of expenses. The direct expenses you can easily see represented by the fund’s (usually published) expense ratio, and the ones that are buried in the investments used by the fund. These less-visible expenses are called acquired fund expenses. The direct annual expense before we started the Easton Episcopal Funds was 1.00% of our total assets with a additional 0.25% in acquired funds expense for a total of 1.25%. Now, the direct cost is 0.27% with acquired funds cost of 0.04% for a total of 0.31%, which is quite low. There are 948 similar funds to the Easton Episcopal Balanced Fund that are tracked by Morningstar. Of these, 850 (89%) have higher expenses than our Balanced Fund.

Funds are valued daily. Here, under the tab, Account Access, you can see what is happening to your investment any day you choose. You can also access holdings for different specific dates. We want to be completely transparent in every aspect of operating the Fund on your behalf. If you have multiple accounts you can see the values of all you accounts on one page by taking advantage of a special program we have introduced to help you see the totality of your investment in the Balance Fund.
Today in the Easton Episcopal Fund, the Board oversees $34 million, a 280% increase in assets under management from inception. Combining – and growing – the assets of Parishes and entities throughout the diocese offers advantages in scale. This also enables us to engage the best service providers at the most advantageous cost.

During our first nine-plus years, shareholders have seen the value of one share advance from $11.35 to a value on 5/28/21 of $24.90 — a total gain of more than 119%.

If you are already participating we thank you for your confidence in the Fund. If you are contemplating using the Easton Episcopal Fund we encourage you to give it a try. We believe investment performance will be competitive and appropriate for the risk tolerance among our investors.